[techtalk] Mounting CD's and Floppies/Using Control Panel

T. E. Pickering tim at astro.rug.nl
Thu Dec 23 00:10:14 EST 1999

> > under RH 6.1, the permissions on floppies and cdroms and such are
> > switched over to be owned by whoever is logged on to the console.
> > when noone's on console, they switch back to root.
> Interesting.  One thing I can't figure out is what happens when two
> different users log in to the console...

the first person to log in to something considered console (by default
the VT's and xdm if it's running) gets the ownerships assigned to them
and keeps them until they log out.  mostly that's ok since there's
usually only one person on the console at a time.

it could get sticky if the machine is shared where one user is on
console and others log in remotely from other machines who still want
to use the cdrom or floppy.  someone who tries logging in to the
console while someone else already is is in the same boat.  for
situations like this, autofs is probably the best bet for dealing with
the cdrom (i actually prefer it and use it myself to save typing).
floppies are a little trickier to deal with in this case and one may
want to disable the PAM stuff for them and set perms manually.


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