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Kristin Ziel zoop at scc.net
Wed Dec 22 13:38:22 EST 1999

I looked on informit's site for copyright information, and here's what i

<start quote>
This Web Site and the material on this Web Site, including but not
limited to the text of any manuscripts provided on the Web Site (the
"Manuscript"), may not be  modified, copied, distributed, republished,
downloaded, uploaded or commercially exploited in any manner without the
prior written consent of Macmillan USA. No intellectual property or other rights in
and to the Web Site, the material on this Web Site and the Manuscript are
transferred to you.
<end quote>

> Actually, just because MacMillan choose to put them on their own
> site, doesn't mean it's legal to put them on other sites.
> Unless MacMillan specifically states that it is, it probably isn't.

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