[techtalk] Converting PMMail files to Maildir or mbox format

Caitlyn Martin caitlyn at netferrets.net
Wed Dec 22 14:20:17 EST 1999

Hi, Subba,

> I am in the process of moving my mail from a OS/2 box. The mail client
> here is PMMail. Each email is stored in a seperate file, like in Maildir.
> I have moved these files to linux, but cannot read them using Mutt to
> convert them to Maildir named files. The PMMail files are named in 7.3
> which is like ABCXYZ1.MSG

PMMail (at least the 1.95 version I last used) had an option to export it's
messages as plain text files.  If you don't have too many of them, you might
want to try that.


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