[techtalk] RedHat newbie question

Caitlyn Martin caitlyn at netferrets.net
Mon Dec 20 13:27:03 EST 1999

Hi, Rebecca,
> I just installed RedHat 6.0, didn't examine what it was installing too
> closely just accepted defaults.  Is it possible there was no compiler
> installed?  (which cc, which gcc both say no gcc in <path> ).
> If so, how can I install it (or do I  need to reinstall RedHat?).
> Install directions seem to want to use gcc to do the installation.
> Chicken, egg, etc

Yes, it's not only possible, it's really not there unless you installed the
development stuff.  gcc is not included in the standard Workstation
installation.  Have no fear, you do not have to reinstall.

Mount your Red Hat CD-ROM, and take a look in the RPMs directory.  You
should see gcc in there.  Simply, from the command line, type in:

rpm -Uvh <filename>

and it will install.

If you are using Gnome/Enlightenment, you can also use GnoRPM as a graphical
tool to do the same thing, and that is in your Gnome menu and pretty self
explanatory.  If you are running KDE, simple browse to the file with KFM.
If you have installed kpackage, clicking on the file icon will open the

Good luck!

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