[techtalk] modules and xconfig

Jeff Dike jdike at karaya.com
Sun Dec 19 22:50:44 EST 1999

> Obviously you would select n for items that you don't need included in
> your kernel, but what is the difference in saying y to support for my
> scsi or m?

For the average user, it doesn't make any difference.  You need to say 'y' to 
anything that you need to boot the kernel (so if you're booting off a scsi 
device, 'm' for scsi would be a bad choice).

People who want their machines to run fast would look at what subsystems they 
use fairly constantly and build them in, so they so get unloaded after a bit 
of inactivity, only to be reloaded a second later when something wakes them up.

You'll save some memory by saying 'm' to things you don't need too much, but 
that's about it.


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