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Sun Dec 19 22:52:44 EST 1999


export TERM=vt100 worked fine.

Thanks to all.


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> > On Fri, 17 Dec 1999, Cat wrote:
> >
> > > When I get that 'ansi' message, I type:
> > >
> > > TERM=vt100;export TERM
> > >
> > > This will change your term type to vt100 for the duration of your
> > > and allow you to use pine.  (At least it has always worked for me :-).
> >
> > And if it does work, you might as well put it in your
> > ... won't have to type it every time :)
> Yup, on all the machines I visit frequently I definitely have my profile
> set up to export the right TERM.  For me it's not .bash_profile -- I
> generally use tcsh.  But then, most of the machines I'm talking about
> are general compiling or clearinghouse servers, where everyone uses one
> out maybe three accounts.  Not that I think anyone would mind if I fixed
> it so my fellow oracles could have tab-completion with another shell or at
> least the right term.  It's so funny when I think about it -- we all sort
> of sigh when we get on those servers, but none of us open up a freaking vi
> session to fix it. :-)
> Speaking of vi and terms, I have a question.  What makes it so vi messes
> up on some servers only some of the time?  Here's and example of what I
> mean:
> Both of my school servers run SunOS on sparc machines.  I always have my
> accounts set up with tcsh, along with a .exrc file because I hate typing
> :set ts=3 every time I open a vi file.  Anyway, every once in a while,
> I'll open something in vi (usually some sort of source code) and vi will
> start overwriting things on the screen.  It will put the initial cursor
> somewhere in the middle of the file, but will not let me go up from there.
> If I press Ctrl-L the screen refreshes by scrolling the file extremely
> fast, and ending up with the cursor in the same bad place.  Usually, I can
> 'fix' it by going to the very end of the file (which, since the screen is
> orienting itself so strangely is usually down in the ~s where supposedly
> there isn't anything).  Then, at the very bottom, I'll hit Ctrl-L a few
> times, go to the first line of the file, back to the bottom, etc.  It
> usually works itself out without too much trouble, but it is very annoying
> while it is happening -- especially since I can't identify any particular
> cause.  Once it is fixed for one session it doesn't happen again no matter
> how many files I open and close.  And, like I said, the weirdest thing is
> that it doesn't happen every time -- just enough to be annoying.
> Any ideas?
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