[techtalk] Corel Linux

GECOS turbodog at hat-trix.com
Sun Dec 19 14:52:36 EST 1999

Hi Jane, 

I started running Corel Linux (free version) a week or two ago
(previously Mandrake).  I am new to Debian, but as far as I can tell
Corel is basically slink Jr. (fewer packages) with a few Corel-specific
things added in (e.g., a Corel-ized version of KDE).  You can, in my
experience, install and use any of the regular Debian packages from
slink and/or potato.  The only incompatibility that I see is not with
the regular Debian dist, but with other KDE packages.  Since Corel uses
a "special" version of qt and KDE, it can be difficult to install other
KDE apps.

If you're already using slink, and don't care for extra flash/glitter,
then skip it.  On the other hand, the flash & glitter is pretty well
done (and there are particularly convenient features if you are sharing
a network with Win32 machines).  If you just wanted to play with the
Corel stuff, you could probably just install it on top of your slink
(not the whole thing, just the Corel qt and kde stuff) to play with.


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