[techtalk] not 8 bit clean?

Michelle astraea at twistercom.com
Sun Dec 19 02:53:16 EST 1999

I've run into this problem a few times... it's always been a problem on
the ISP end of things if I get the error more than once.  See what kind
of information you can get dialing in with minicom.

Once the problem was in the way my ISP had attempted to set up my static
IP (apparently incorrectly) - another time they had "lost" my radius
profile while changing some equipment and I was getting left at an
"ascend%" prompt after entering my username and password.

I wouldn't rule out a problem with your scripts, but that would
generally give you different error messages.

Hope this helps...

astraea at vivid.net

Theresa Radke wrote:
> Hi,
> My ppp log shows that all 7 bits set to zero not 8 bit clean, is there any way to resolve this?
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