[techtalk] RedHat newbie question

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Sat Dec 18 16:36:00 EST 1999

Hey Rebecca,
	You can always check what you installed via the install.log
usually located in /tmp. If its not there and you have installed RPM you
can figure it out by the command rpm -q --all | less. This will query the
rpm database for all installed  packages. Another way is typing which gcc
or cc as those are the standard C compilers. g++ for C++.

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On Sat, 18 Dec 1999, Rebecca Gutterman wrote:

> I just installed RedHat 6.0, didn't examine what it was installing too
> closely just accepted defaults.  Is it possible there was no compiler
> installed?  (which cc, which gcc both say no gcc in <path> ).
> If so, how can I install it (or do I  need to reinstall RedHat?).
> Install directions seem to want to use gcc to do the installation.
> Chicken, egg, etc.
> Please excuse my extreme cluelessness, I'll catch up I swear.
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