[techtalk] RedHat newbie question

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Sat Dec 18 14:56:14 EST 1999

You can reboot to do what looks like the installation again (follow the
same path you did to install in the first place), and choose "upgrade"
instead of install. This will let you add any packages you didn't add
the first time (you might use expert mode for this to see exactly what's
going on). :o)

This (I think) would be the easiest way to get stuff on there that you
didn't catch the first time (without trying to figure out which package
does what off of your install CD to do it manually). :o)


Rebecca Gutterman wrote:
> I just installed RedHat 6.0, didn't examine what it was installing too
> closely just accepted defaults.  Is it possible there was no compiler
> installed?  (which cc, which gcc both say no gcc in <path> ).
> If so, how can I install it (or do I  need to reinstall RedHat?).
> Install directions seem to want to use gcc to do the installation.
> Chicken, egg, etc.
> Please excuse my extreme cluelessness, I'll catch up I swear.

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