[techtalk] Re: DVD-ROM on Linux?

J B griffin2020 at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 18 19:18:46 EST 1999

The only benefit, I see with this device, is entertainment. There is nothing 
else to it. If it is entertainment only, then it is better off with 
Microsoft platform.

Subba-  So basically you are saying that the ppl out there who do not run a 
M$ os do not have the right or the desire to watch DVD movies, or to play 
DVD games on their systems? Or that they cannot simply want to use their 
machines for entetainment?  Truthfully, I use Linux when I want to relax and 
play...almost exclusively for entertainment.  Of course, the only reason for 
that is that most of my productivity apps are not yet available on 
Linux...and it is still to much trouble to deal with translations for only 
the M$ speaking ID10T's that I have to deal with on a regular basis.

On another note, within about a month Sirus Magic and one other major 
manufacturer of DVD decoders will have a decoder out for Linux.  (Sirus 
Magic makes Creative Labs Decoder cards).  I am not sure if these are to be 
hardware decoders, or if it is software.  Knowing the amount of processor 
power it takes to decode in real tiem...sound and video, it would make sense 
for it to be hardware...then even the slower machines could take advantage 
of them....but...they will only be PCI.....aaarrrgggghh at the death of the 
good old ISA bus.
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