[techtalk] glibc and libc5 ?

K. Ziel zoop at scc.net
Sat Dec 18 10:29:31 EST 1999

I have seen systems referred to as glibc or libc for a long time, but have
never had any idea *exactly* what the implications were. Can someone please
give me a little introduction on this?

kristin --still living in the land of confusion

On Fri, 17 Dec 1999, you wrote:
> > Could you specify what you mean with "more smoothly" -- I don't want to
> > sound hostile, I'm just interested. Hey, I upgraded a running system from
> > libc5 to glibc with RPM, if that isn't smooth, what else? Admittedly, I
> > had to reboot to get the glibc version of init running instead of the old 
> > one.

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