[techtalk] Pine Usage) + new vi question

Cat cschmitt at polaris.umuc.edu
Fri Dec 17 09:04:34 EST 1999

> On Fri, 17 Dec 1999, Cat wrote:
> > When I get that 'ansi' message, I type:
> > 
> > TERM=vt100;export TERM
> > 
> > This will change your term type to vt100 for the duration of your session,
> > and allow you to use pine.  (At least it has always worked for me :-).
> And if it does work, you might as well put it in your $HOME/.bash_profile
> ... won't have to type it every time :)

Yup, on all the machines I visit frequently I definitely have my profile
set up to export the right TERM.  For me it's not .bash_profile -- I
generally use tcsh.  But then, most of the machines I'm talking about
are general compiling or clearinghouse servers, where everyone uses one
out maybe three accounts.  Not that I think anyone would mind if I fixed
it so my fellow oracles could have tab-completion with another shell or at
least the right term.  It's so funny when I think about it -- we all sort
of sigh when we get on those servers, but none of us open up a freaking vi
session to fix it. :-)

Speaking of vi and terms, I have a question.  What makes it so vi messes
up on some servers only some of the time?  Here's and example of what I

Both of my school servers run SunOS on sparc machines.  I always have my
accounts set up with tcsh, along with a .exrc file because I hate typing
:set ts=3 every time I open a vi file.  Anyway, every once in a while,
I'll open something in vi (usually some sort of source code) and vi will
start overwriting things on the screen.  It will put the initial cursor
somewhere in the middle of the file, but will not let me go up from there.
If I press Ctrl-L the screen refreshes by scrolling the file extremely
fast, and ending up with the cursor in the same bad place.  Usually, I can
'fix' it by going to the very end of the file (which, since the screen is
orienting itself so strangely is usually down in the ~s where supposedly
there isn't anything).  Then, at the very bottom, I'll hit Ctrl-L a few
times, go to the first line of the file, back to the bottom, etc.  It
usually works itself out without too much trouble, but it is very annoying
while it is happening -- especially since I can't identify any particular
cause.  Once it is fixed for one session it doesn't happen again no matter
how many files I open and close.  And, like I said, the weirdest thing is
that it doesn't happen every time -- just enough to be annoying.

Any ideas?


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