[techtalk] CDROM help

Geoffrey Makstutis gm at 51pct.com
Fri Dec 17 02:02:48 EST 1999

I've got SUSE6.3 on a KMD A-6 system with a Samsung DVD-ROM. Everything
was working fine, but suddenly I can only mount CD's intermittently.
Yast sometimes can find the source medium, but many times cannot. If I
try to mount the cd manually (mount /cdrom) either command line or in
KDE, the system acts as if the device is mounted, but if I try to open
the directory I get a blank directory (in KDE) and a message that says
something like "cannot execute /cdrom". In a command line, one the
device has been manually mounted, the directory shows as red text but
cannot be opened.

Where have I gone wrong? What can I do?
Geoffrey Makstutis
           51% Studios (London) Ltd
              Architecture & Design
gm at 51pct.com

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