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Lighthouse Keeper in the Desert Sun ccovingt at one-eyed-alien.net
Thu Dec 16 15:09:08 EST 1999

On Dec 17, Jenn V. conjectured:

> Can you listen to the modem and watch the lights - do they 
> change? Does the modem react at all to the initialisation 
> string? Have you power cycled the modem a few times (leaving 
> it off long enough for its ram to clear - twenty seconds 
> should be enough)? Have you checked your initialisation 
> string against the modem's manual/web page to ensure that 
> it says what you think it says?

Alas, tis an internal OEM with no documentation.  It's an old USRobotics
Sportster 56K internal.  It's working under windows right now.  Minicom
can talk to it and dial it, even.  I forget what change was made to the
generic script to make it work.  The init string I put into the script is
the one that minicom uses successfully.  I do remember that it was a
fairly simple change, but that was only with the benefit of hindsight.  So
the basic problem here is that my script isn't talking to the modem right.
And I forget what fixed it to work right *sigh*
But this will all have to wait until after New Year's anyway.  I'm
hopefully getting my old 486 back, and with more RAM and a NIC (and
switching this modem over), it'll be my IP masquerdaing box and firewall.
I'll try putting Caldera over on that machine to see how I like it.
Whatever I put on it will have to be small, since the poor thing only has
500MB of hard drive space (and 5 years ago when I built it, it was
top-of-the-line quality.)

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions.


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