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Thanks a million Telsa.... Your suggestion has worked for me.

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> On Thu, Dec 16, 1999 at 10:55:43PM -0800 or thereabouts, Tech Docs wrote:
> > Friends... let me be very specific about my pine problem. On the machine
> Good plan, cos I -think- I recognise the error message :)
> > things work fine and perfect. When I give a telnet and then use Pine it
> > ansi not set and Pine cannot run. I checked my Telnet mode and I do not
> > anything unusual. What could be the problem? How do I use Pine in this
> > situation?
> I think 'ansi not set' is not to do with telnet. I think it's to do with
> the terminal type. Perhaps you are not setting one, or you are setting one
> that the machine doesn't know. Terminal type is an environment variable,
> and it is used by many, many programs. It has to be of a certain level
> before the program knows that it can move the cursor around the screen.
> (This wasn't a given, once. For example, dumb terminals can't. And others
> of dim and not distant enough memory.))
> Try (in bash) 'printenv' to see all your environment variables, or just
> 'echo $TERM'. I'm afraid I've forgotten how to get that from csh :)
> If it's 'not found', or it's 'dumb', or something, then this is your
> problem, and 'export TERM=vt100' or something similar may fix it.
> For some reason I managed to set one of my terminals to dumb a while
> ago, and mutt (a similar mailer) refused to run until I set the terminal
> type to xterm again.
> Telsa
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