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Lighthouse Keeper in the Desert Sun ccovingt at one-eyed-alien.net
Thu Dec 16 09:53:13 EST 1999

On Dec 15, Robert Kiesling conjectured:

> I'm not sure about the masquerading because my systems are the proxy
> server type.  But I'm sure I could help config the ppp.  Depends on
> whether your using the standard /etc/ppp/ system-wide files or a
> wrapper like kppp.
I'm using the /etc/ppp stuff.  A friend of ours set it up for us last
time, but after the hack, I forgot to save the actual dialing script.
Oops.  THere's some problem with initializing the modem.  In the script, I
tell ti to send an initialization srting, and wait for OK.   The OK never
comes.  I can't access the outside world from my machine at home,
otherwise I could give more specifics.  I basically copied the sample
dialer script and changed it to fit the dialup system we're using.  And
it's doing the same weird problem as before.
It doesn't matter too much *right* now, because after Christmas, I'll have
another computer to set up to run the firewall and dialup stuff.


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