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Jenn V. jenn at simegen.com
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Di Gregory wrote:
> SO how do I have a POP email account if I can't dial up into the account
> directly.  I couldn't get the POP email to work when I set up my old
> roommate's I -THINK- because our dialup was a local provider, the pop
> email was through school (NOT the provider) and ALTHOUGH it DID work to
> "relay", the receiver server of the email did not accept it and send it
> back.  

I'm still not sure what's happening.

Ok. Whether you dial up to the POP server doesn't matter.

What you need from the place where you have the POP account is 

mail server (possibly separate incoming and outgoing, possibly not)
email address

Put these into your email program, where it asks for them.
Make sure you check that you have it in both incoming AND
outgoing - the 'we do not relay' error message implies to me
that you sent to the wrong 'outgoing' mail server.

POP mail is usually served by an SMTP server, which is why
people talked about SMTP servers in their replies.

Make sure the email address your email program thinks you're
using is the one assigned to you by /these/ people.

You can POP across the net - it doesn't matter /where/ you
dialled up - but if you use a 'wrong' mail server that is 
what's likely to cause the 'we do not relay' response.

(mail servers used to relay for each other, but with the 
advent of so much spam mail and spam mailers using mail 
relaying to mask their origins, they had to stop that 

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