[techtalk] Pine Usage

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Thu Dec 16 00:17:56 EST 1999

Does the server *have* pine locallly? (I hope you're typing pine in all
lowercase letters)

You might try a `which pine` to see if it's in your $PATH (if you're
using bash anyway, not sure about csh). Mine is in /usr/bin but the one
on my university's server is in /usr/local/bin (hopefully netscape
doesn't wrap that). Maybe `locate pine`? Only works in some places. I
don't know csh/tcsh/etc utilities so bear with ;o)


You might try a `man pine` since that could be a good bet that pine is
or isn't on the server (maybe `man -k pine` to search around for it).
The docs aren't on my university's server, but they smoke crack so who knows.

Export pine? Like export $PINE? export, in that sense, is for "creating"
and changing the values of environment variables.

Nothing more is required that I know of, unless maybe your terminal type
isn't recognised by pine (in which case pine will say something like
"unknown terminal entry: termtype" (termtype would literally say your
terminal type like vt100 or linux or ...))


Tech Docs wrote:
> Hi
> what does export Pine do?
> When I say Pine in the command prompt on the telnet, nothing happens at all.
> I think there is something more.
> Cheers!
> Sriram

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