[techtalk] POP mail

Di Gregory di at sleepy.giant.net
Wed Dec 15 15:35:47 EST 1999

Hi I was wondering if someone could explain some mechanics of POP mail to 
me.  I have a Unix account, which I'm not sure is set up for POP mail or 
not.  I know that when I have tried, I got responses from the server that 
said "we do not relay".  I tried to set up my roommate's pop mail which I 
know was set up for POP but kept getting responses from the receivers 
that say they don't accept relayed messages.  I would love to be able to 
use something non-Pine for email, but I have a cable modem at home and 
don't expect to keep it forever, so don't want to set up a permanent 
email address on that.  How do I use POP mail without connecting directly 
to the server?  (If I unsubscribe from the cable modem I have a free ppp 
acct through work, so subscribing to a local access number one is not an 


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