[techtalk] X in Corel vs. Red Hat (was: winmodem sound driver)

Caitlyn Martin caitlyn at netferrets.net
Wed Dec 15 16:15:08 EST 1999

Hi, Theresa,

> Oh, RH was not pre-installed, it came on a CD as the operating system for the box.  They said they could not install linux on the system as it was too difficult.

With all due respect, Red Hat is not a terribly difficult installation, particularly with the graphical install in 6.1.  I suspect they are just clueless when it comes to Linux.

> What they should have said is that it is not compatable.

You're absolutely right about that.  Like I said before, this amounts to false advertising.

>  I could not get a decent video display on RH so when offered an opportunity to try corel's debian I jumped on it.  Corel allows me to at least get 16m colors and 8x6 resolution.

Ummm... the XFree86 provided in Corel Linux is identical to the one provided in Red Hat Linux 6.1.  Anything that works in one will work in the other.  The Red Hat graphical installer may not have handled it correctly, is all.  I suspect
if you prefer the selection of packages in Red Hat (and the wide availability of Red Hat RPMs on the web), you can probably correct the situation with XF86Setup.

FWIW, I run three different distributions on my three computers:  Caldera OpenLinux 2.3, Red Hat 6.1, and TurboLinux 4.0.  At the moment I kind of like Caldera best (and it is very easy to install), but with the previous versions (6.0 and
2.2) I preferred Red Hat.


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