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newbie here. What is the best network monitor and sniffer tool for Linux. I
am using Linux on my ibm thinkpad i series running on pentium 266 and 128 mb
ram. i would like to realize the power of linux in network monitoring,
bandwidth analysis and sniffers. where do i start? i am quite familiar with
solaris and good in networking as such.

also are there any interesting articles on linux security available online?


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Subject: [techtalk] who else uses ncurses?

> I am having portability problems which seem to be related to
> ncurses.
> Background:  a 600,000 + line Fortran package which through a c
>   interface uses curses to provide full screen menus and
>   data entry.   Home environment SUN Solaris, runs also on DGUX,
>   Xenix, Aix and just about any Unix we have tried.
> First linux port March 1998 SuSE 5.2.  Upgraded gcc and g77 to
> overcome early g77 problems.  No problems running on SuSE or Caldera.
> However, did not implement some minor X11 features because of
> problems installing XFree86.
> Brought in RedHat 6.1 to provide an alternate test and to get the
> X11 stuff implemented.  Found that RedHat modules could not run
> on SuSE.  However, SuSE modules could run on RedHAT as long as
> the ncurses library was statically linked
> into the module.  There were two succesful modules.
>   SuSE linked entirely static
>   SuSE dynamic but with ncurses linked as static
> Then:
> Potential customer cannot run either module from early RedHat (4.2).
> (This may just be the way that things are. You can go up but now down.)
> In attempting to find out why and perhaps solve things, I have now
> installed gcc and g77 6.95.2 on both SuSE and RedHat.  Again, RedHat
> modules cannot run on SuSE but SuSE modules can run under RedHat
> with the same constraints as before.
> In addition, the RedHat modules running on RedHat (no matter how linked)
> all dump core in the middle of the standard test run if, and only if,
> ncurses has been invoked in any way at the beginning of the run.
> This is not a problem running the SuSE modules under RedHat.
> SuSE seems to have ncurses.1 while RedHat has libraries for ncurses
> 3.0 and 4.2.
> I would appreciate any help or insight on this problem
> Shirrell Buhler, P-STAT, Inc.
> sb at pstat.com
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