[techtalk] Inexpensive Linux Machines

Amanda Owens amowens at radonc.duke.edu
Wed Dec 15 09:01:43 EST 1999

We've been talking about Pricewatch's (not-really) Linux PC section. 
There *are* other places to look for low-end linux-compatable boxes. A 
few months ago, I was charged with pricing linux-compatable machines so 
our lab could buy a new system. While I actually purchased parts from a 
local computer retailer and put it together myself, there are a number of 
online retailers who sell inexpensive machines.

The first one that comes to my mind is www.indybox.com. I priced out a 
nice system (sans monitor) for under $500 there (a few months ago. Their 
current base system price appears to run around $700). And they pre-install 
Red Hat 6.1. There are also a bunch of barebones kit places where you can 
configure a system that will run under $800, but most of them won't 
guarantee that it'll be linux-compatable, so you have to do your homework.

Is there a list of online Linux-box retailers on the net anywhere? Or 
should we compile one? I'm sure it'd be useful for folks interested in 
trying it out - and it seems to me that if someone can buy a system 
pre-installed that they know will work, then they're more apt to try 
Linux out in the first place.


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