[techtalk] DVD-ROM on Linux?

Telsa Gwynne hobbit at aloss.ukuu.org.uk
Wed Dec 15 11:21:42 EST 1999

Emily wrote:
> > DVD video support is in the 2.3 kernels. See http://www.linux.org.uk/diary/
> > or http://roadrunner.swansea.linux.org.uk/~hobbit/diary.html for first
> > hand details <waves at Telsa>. If you want stable support, wait for the
Jenn V wrote: 
> Yes, I was about to comment on that. The diary entries about DVD sound
> or video but not both at one point....

It's still mostly like that. I didn't post to the list because my idea
of the DVD stuff is very hazy and not technical at all. But since you
mentioned it, I shall :) We can now have the picture moving at almost 
the right speed with very very crackly noises of a soundtrack. If the 
picture is not very complicated (credits, for example), then the sound 
is cool. If the picture is complicated (90% of the film), the sound is 
dreadful. And they still wander off at different speeds from time to time. 

This is on an Athlon machine running a 2.3 kernel, and I can vouch
for the fact that the Athlon is -fast-. (It compiles like lightning:
we grab mozilla a lot and build it there, and of course it does a
lot of kernels, too...) Alan thinks that on a more powerful (eek) 
machine, we'd probably be able to watch the DVDs. (I don't think
any of the clever options and menus are working yet.)

So I don't think I'll ever be watching them on my Cyrix 586 :)

> > Emily, whose idea of a big upgrade is actually having a modem that works

Know the feeling :)
> point, and we used to use a modem that was no longer reliable in 
> the modem bank but if you just power cycled it when it froze it 
> was ok.....
> Jenn V.

You mean that modems are supposed to work properly? I have been under
the impression for some time now that modems come with an inbuilt random
timer which decides when to freeze and when their users have to start
repeatedly power-cycling it... 


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