[techtalk] XFree86 on a Neomagic 256ZX LT

Jenn V. jenn at simegen.com
Wed Dec 15 21:47:43 EST 1999

Ian Phillips wrote:

>  it starts up but then appears to switch down to a very low resolution, 320x240 by the look of it, _and_ it does this by just showing the center of the frame, as if I was running a large virtual desktop through a small viewport, but without the ability to scroll!

The low resolution isn't terribly standard, but the 'large virtual 
desktop' is one of the default ways for X to behave - it's not 
a bug, it's a feature.

Even if it's a feature *I* don't like. :)

The config file for the system as a whole are in /etc/X11.
Every time I set up X I wind up scouring through that directory 
AGAIN to try to sort things out. I keep forgetting in the interval.

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