[techtalk] winmodem sound driver

J B griffin2020 at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 14 21:46:50 EST 1999

Ran a Lucent Winmodem on my Windoze system at home.  Did not noticeably 
slowdown my system (PIII/500, 292MB)...but when I fried that modem and 
replaced with a USR hardware modem (old 56K, NOT V.90), I noticed that my 
connection speeds increased, and I have had less problems with some of my 
toys online.  I have not gotten around to connecting a Linux machine to the 
net.....but from what a friend of mine who uses the same winmodem that I 
had, if you have a fast enough machine, it is no big deal...Linux makes up 
for most of M$'s shortcomings....

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