[techtalk] Multiple Languages on one box

Stephan Zaniolo eaglefeather at mindspring.com
Sat Dec 11 12:19:32 EST 1999

	I'm running Red Hat 6.0, kernel 2.2.12, with October GNOME and XFree86
3.3.4.  I would like to setup one user account that would be all French
(I'm planning on learning it, currently everything is English).  This would
mean all display messages for all programs (if possible) would be in French
and I'd (more than likely) need to use the French keyboard mapping (but the
other users [ my user account and root ] would need to retain the us-dvorak
keyboard).  (The us-dvorak keyboard can be used for login)  Is there a way
to do this (or do I need to set it up on a separate machine :^( ?  Is there
a HOW-TO or something available?  Is there any place I could find an image
of the French keyboard mapping?

	One additional item that may complicate this, my video card is not fully
supported yet under XFree (It should be under 4.0), so I need to boot into
runlevel 5.  (Changing to runlevel 3 from 5 tends to send the card into
suspend mode and won't come out without a reboot. So changing XFree config
file and restarting X every time is not an option.)

Thanks in advance,


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