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Chris J/#6 sixie at nccnet.co.uk
Fri Dec 10 16:01:25 EST 1999

The Wiretap gopher (which I need to dig the address out for - used to me 
wiretap.spies.com, but it moved...can't remember where to though) has (or 
used to, last time I looked - two or more years ago!) a whole bunch of 
obsifucated (sp!) C code in relation to compettions years ago.

If anyones interewsted, I'll see if I can dig out where it [wiretap] is now :)


> Yeah and I think there is an obsfucated C code contest somewhere 
> he could enter it into. Along with the n ways to do a+b in C. :)
> Have Fun,
> Sends Steve

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