[techtalk] networking printer to Mac

Laurel Fan lf25+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Thu Dec 9 19:24:30 EST 1999

Excerpts from linuxchix: 9-Dec-99 [techtalk] networking print.. by
Lighthouse t. D. Sun at one 
> I know there has to be info somewhere on this... but I can't seem to find
> it.  I've found tons of sites telling me how to share my printer with NT
> or Windows, but I am needing to share it with my guy's Mac.

Don't have any experience with this, but I looked in the Printing HOWTO
and searched for "+appletalk +linux +printer" and "+mac +linux +printer"
(w/o quotes) on Atavista and got these sites.  Might be good starting


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