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> Hello,
> I have set up Apache.  I was wondering if anybody could let me know as to
> where I will have to put my web pages (like a simple page with no forms of
> any sort).  I heard that it has to be in the "htdocs" directory...  Any
> pointers will be very helpful and appreciated.
> Thanks in advance

Your document root directory can be nearly anywhere you want it to be. If
you're using a recent build of Apache, look for the DocumentRoot directive
in your httpd.conf[*] file to find out what it currently is. The path listed
on that line is where your web server will begin looking when resources are

[* if your Apache version is older than (I think) 1.3.4, you might also find
this directive in srm.conf. Most recent versions of Apache no longer require
separate configuration files.]

So, if someone requests:


and your DocumentRoot is set to:


then the web server will look for:


If you choose to change the value of DocumentRoot, bear in mind that there
are typically other references to this directory in the same conf file, used
to establish default web server behaviour. Check carefully through the rest
of the conf file(s) to ensure that you've updated all relevant references to
the old home directory.

Finally, the people at http://www.apache.org/ have done a fine job of
listing and explaining the behaviour of all available Apache directives. The
list is *very* long, mind you, but I've found that as familiarity with it
grows, it gets easier to know what to expect -- and what to look for -- when
configuring Apache.

Good luck,
Dan McGarry

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