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Nils Philippsen nils at wombat.dialup.fht-esslingen.de
Tue Dec 7 01:19:55 EST 1999

On Mon, 6 Dec 1999, Scott Howell wrote:

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I knew the .com domain would be confused with us sooner or later.

> tar -zxf ~/maestro-*.tar.gz
> cd maestro-*
> modprobe soundcore (maybe)
> make install
> That "maybe" was well needed, I guess, since I get a 'command not
> found' when I do modprobe. Probably because I have red hat? I don't
> know anything about linux.

I think modprobe is not in your PATH (it's in /sbin) so try
'/sbin/modprobe ...' instead. Do you try this command as a non-root user?
Only root can fiddle with (kernel-)modules.

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