[techtalk] Samba and kernel options

Kelly Lynn Martin kelly at poverty.bloomington.in.us
Sat Dec 4 13:18:35 EST 1999

On 4 Dec 1999 15:01:30 -0000, subb3 at ibm.net said:

>The goal for me is to use the NT systems local printer, CD-R and
>scanner devices. The SMB documents talk a lot about the Client and
>Server.  The source I have downloaded will create a smbd and nmbd.

>1. Do I need anything running on the NT?

You'll need to use "Client for Microsoft Networks" on the Windows
(NT/9X) side.  At least, that how I understand it to work for NT --
never actually done it.

>2. Do I need any special options in the kernel compile to be turned

If you want to be able to mount remote systems on your Linux machine,
you'll need to compile the SMB filesystem into the kernel or a module.
Otherwise, just your basic network support.


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