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Steve Kudlak chromexa at ovis.net
Thu Dec 2 14:26:50 EST 1999

Conrad Golightly wrote:

> > things are hard to trace in old old mailers. NO one has yet told me where
> ae is?
> > and is there a map of countries saying which abbreviation is which. I know
> > Australia is formally au but Aussies informally will often use "oz"
> thought this
> > is not official. Same as NYC is not official but so recognized that no one
> > worries about it and demands New York, New York or NY,NY. If threre were a
> > pointer to these country abbreviations used on the net I'd really love to
> see it.
> See RFC 1394 (www.faqs.org)
> .ae is the united arab emirates, IIRC, and is in the middle east on the
> north border of kuwait, again, IIRC.
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Thanks! that tells me a bunch oh things. Is there a map or listing somwhere.
SOmetimes I guess by time zone but it only works for longitude.

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