[techtalk] Bugzilla and Perl modules for MySql Help!!!

Sean McAfee mcafee at umich.edu
Thu Dec 2 14:21:15 EST 1999

Jennifer Tippens <jennifer at surfari.com> wrote:
>Sooo, I went to install Bugzilla from
>source on my computer.  First it needs MySQL.  OK. Done.  Next it needs Perl
>modules for MySQL. OK. Done.

>But wait!  Lo, what's this??  Eegads.  I read a little further.  I answered a
>question in the MakeMakefile wrong and now I can't get it to ask me the
>question again.  I re-un-tarred the module and ran perl Makefile.PL again, but
>it just said writing makefile, done.  No chance to change my mind....

>Any pointers??  Bugzilla will not work with backward compatability

I just tried this myself, and it seems the culprit is the file
lib/DBD/mysql/Install/Config.pm.  Remove it and rerun "perl Makefile.PL",
and you should get asked the important questions again.

If anyone is interested, the way I found this out was:

cd Msql-Mysql-modules-1.2210
perl Makefile.PL
find . -mmin -1
#  look for files with likely-looking names

Usually, if I get impatient looking for the right file to delete, I'll just
rm -rf the source distribution and then re-untar it.  That always does the

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