[techtalk] Bugzilla and Perl modules for MySql Help!!!

Jennifer Tippens jennifer at surfari.com
Thu Dec 2 12:03:34 EST 1999

Hi!  Love the show.  Long time lurker, first time poster.

I'm checking out two packages for my company for bug tracking, namely Bugzilla
and Keystone.  I think I like Bugzilla better because it seems more intuitive
to me (I think it is prettier, also).  Sooo, I went to install Bugzilla from
source on my computer.  First it needs MySQL.  OK. Done.  Next it needs Perl
modules for MySQL. OK. Done.

But wait!  Lo, what's this??  Eegads.  I read a little further.  I answered a
question in the MakeMakefile wrong and now I can't get it to ask me the
question again.  I re-un-tarred the module and ran perl Makefile.PL again, but
it just said writing makefile, done.  No chance to change my mind....

Any pointers??  Bugzilla will not work with backward compatability disabled.


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