[techtalk] HTML (and CDROM question)

Steve Kudlak chromexa at ovis.net
Wed Dec 1 17:17:10 EST 1999

Chris J/#6 wrote:

> Umm...blinking?
> I see no blink...and I've ran "less" of the email to make sure my mail
> program ain't masking it out...
> Chris...
> > Okay I've had it.  This last email is blinking all over my console.
> >
> > I'm outta here.
> >
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I should have posted the message that figured out last night. It was either an
anomoly or perhaps a stray control character. In some very old mailers, control
charactyers where used for special purposes. In on a BBS I co-sysoped Control-N
meant *BRIGHTEN AND EMPHASIZE* Doing Control-N again turned off the feature.
Sometimes things like that happen. I send the mail personally so the http
hypertext for linuxhix didn;t show up. Whatever the problem went away. These
things are hard to trace in old old mailers. NO one has yet told me where ae is?
and is there a map of countries saying which abbreviation is which. I know
Australia is formally au but Aussies informally will often use "oz" thought this
is not official. Same as NYC is not official but so recognized that no one
worries about it and demands New York, New York or NY,NY. If threre were a
pointer to these country abbreviations used on the net I'd really love to see it.

Have Fun,
Sends Steve

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