[techtalk] HTML (and CDROM question)

Emily Cartier cartieel at flyernet.udayton.edu
Wed Dec 1 02:26:51 EST 1999

On Mon, 29 Nov 1999 17:57:41 -0600
"Conrad Golightly" <acow at home.com> wrote:
> real world. Also, please do not forget that this is a Linux list. If this
> were a Windows NT/98/95 list, HTML email might very well be acceptable.

Actually... Most mailing list servers I know of barf when handed mime
attachments, HTML, or anything else cute that isn't in the RFCs. I don't
know about what onelist.com does, but majordomo, listproc and listserv
*all* have problems with mime and HTML. Running a mailing list on a
Windows based machine gets pretty painful too, because the automation
just isn't there. I think the only thing that's even close to competent
is Pegasus Mail.


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