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Miriam English mim at miriam-english.org
Mon May 24 09:44:00 UTC 2010

Sorry, I didn't answer your comment. I agree with you about macros. They 
are pretty-much essential to a good editor. I have learned to get 
TextPad's macro facility to do truly wonderful things. However one thing 
which makes programs like vi and dme (my preferred text editor on the 
Amiga) much more useful than TextPad is that the macros are in plain 
text. Dme is amazing in that its macros can alter their actions based on 
the text they are operating on -- they can have queries and branching 
instructions based on current position, current character, and other 
cool things. I tried recompiling it for Linux, but it is too tied to the 
Amiga. [sigh]

	- Miriam

Sam Watkins wrote:
> On Mon, May 24, 2010 at 01:39:41PM +1000, Miriam English wrote:
>> I just re-read the relevant part of geany's  manual and found that it can do
>> tagged replacements, though with a  slightly different syntax than I normally
>> use.
>> Thanks again Sam. You've opened my eyes to other things.
> Another thing you can do with good editors (e.g. vim and emacs) is record
> keyboard macros.  You can do complicated edits then repeat them, it is more
> powerful than search and replace.
> Sam

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