[prog] [Linuxchix-announce] Please direct replies to the appropriate list (and only that list)

Terri Oda terri at zone12.com
Thu Jun 14 08:51:02 UTC 2007

This is an all-LinuxChix announcement. This mail will be sent to every public 
LinuxChix list.

All-LinuxChix announcements are only made about major changes to or problems
with LinuxChix.
<list admin hat on>

I'm loathe to turn on emergency moderation at the moment when we're  
short a few list admins and people would be very upset over anything  
that might hinder the discussion.   I'd rather ask politely and turn  
on moderation only if this doesn't work.

So please, all of you, try to direct replies to the appropriate  
discussion lists and ONLY those lists.  Posting the same message to  
multiple lists is discouraged.  The appropriate lists are as follows:

For discussion of issues related to Mary's resignation or other  
events of the past few days:

grrltalk  (or grrls-only, as per your preference)

For coordination of what happens next for the linuxchix volunteers:


Please leave the other lists free to continue their regular  
discussions, since not everyone wants to be part of the drama.   
(Messages to announce, issues, newchix, courses and techtalk should  
be on-topic for those lists as usual.)



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