[prog] Possible closure of this mailing list

Gareth Anderson Gareth.Anderson at acslink.net.au
Thu Jun 7 12:08:16 UTC 2007

I agree with the above posts, don't drop the programming list!
 I'm sure I'll have a programming problem that I will need help with soon :)


On 6/7/07, jenny w <veganjenny at gmail.com> wrote:
> I agree with Hamster, also. I know this list is low traffic, but when
> there's stuff on the list it's usually interesting.  I very much
> appreciate that it's split off from techtalk. Not only are topics
> somewhat different, but I think that responses will be different, too,
> based on the different foci of the lists. I could see a programming
> question going off on more tangents if posted to techtalk rather than
> to programming.
> Jen-Mei
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