[prog] Linux usb kernel hacking

nixnooi at change-it.com nixnooi at change-it.com
Fri Aug 18 02:58:10 UTC 2006

Hi Everyone

My first post <blush>

For various interesting reasons (that I will gladly explain to anyone who
wants to know) I want to be able to do develop my own usb keyboard driver. 

Well I think my-own-usb-keyboard-driver it what I need...  

What I have is a usb device - which as far as I've used on windows (gag) seems
to operate just like a usb keyboard. You press "thingy" on device and a scan
code is generated - which means - a letter shows up on the screen. My
requirement is => I want to have two thingies map to one letter. So for eg:
instead of hitting a 3 and a 4 and getting just that (a 3 and a 4 ) I want to
hit 3 and a 4 (basically together) on the 'device' and produce only one letter
say B. And then say 5 & 7 and get a C .. and so on. 

I'm really hoping this is not a HUGE deal. I've done much programming in my
life, but currently as a sysadmin, I write lots of perl :) but no C :( - and
I've never hacked the linux kernel. 

I've bought Linux Device Drivers [O'Reily] and what I've read seems fine ...
then I do not want to learn the whole kaboodle .. I just want to REALLY do this
one thing! 

Anyone?? Anything??

Nix Nooi

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