[prog] normalization and databases

Wolf Rising wolfrising at gmail.com
Sun Oct 17 20:09:39 EST 2004

Hi, I've been working on learning php and branched over into trying to
learn a bit about databases as well,
I was doing okay until I ran into normalization which I just can't
seem to get a handle on, this is the
sample problem I've been trying to work on ( this is in no way
homework!, just me trying to learn ) I have
a database management book and the peachpit book on mysql. I've read
and re-read the pages explaining
how things break down, but there really isn't an example written out
prior to the sample exercise. If anyone
can either point me towards a web site that gives a detailed
explanation or can maybe explain what
the exercise is supposed to be doing, it would be much appreciated. 

Convert the following table into an equivalent collection of tables
that is in 3rd Normalized Form.

Donations(Donor_Number, Donor_Name,Donor_Phone, Classification_Code,
          Classification_Name, Exempt_Status,(Check_Number, Date_Received,
          Amount, Fund_Number, Fund_Name, Fund_Directory)
This is a table concerning information about donors and their
contributions to a non-profit
organization. Each donation is made to a particular fund (Food Bank,
Medical Care, etc_).
In addition, each donor is assigned to a particular class of donors (
personal, corporate, etc).
All donations are made by check. The following dependencies exist in Donations..

Donor_Number -> Donor_Name, Donor_Phone, CLassification_Code,
Classification_Name, Exempt_Statis

Classification_Code -> Classification_Name

Donor_Number, Check_Number -> Date_Received, Amount, Fund_Number,
Fund_Name, Fund_Director

Fund_Number -> Fund_Name, Fund_Director

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