[prog] VSS to CVS -- looking for experiences and argumentation help

dominik schramm dominik.schramm at gmxpro.net
Sat Apr 24 00:48:34 EST 2004

Hi Diggy,

"Diggy Bell" <diggy at dbsoftdev.com> writes:

> In terms of GUI clients, this is the one area where I've had the
> most problems.  I've gotten WinCVS to work really well before, but
> I've had some problems recently remembering exactly how to get it to
> work.  When it has worked, there haven't been any issues with usage.
> But there may be more suitable options out there.

Have you tried Tortoise CVS as a "GUI" (www.tortoisecvs.org)? It's
pretty neat because of its integration with Windows Explorer.
The VSS GUI is not an all too positive example for a user interface 
either. It's one of the (few?) Microsoft applications which have never
been aligned (or so it seems) to the Microsoft user interface and 
style guidelines.

Thanks a lot for your response. At my workplace the problem with 
forgotten check-ins occurs quite regularly, too.

I'll report back as soon as there is something new to tell. 


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