[prog] Returning a string from a function, in bash

Dominik Schramm dominik.schramm at gmxpro.net
Fri Apr 16 00:17:57 EST 2004


"Riccarda Cassini" <riccarda.cassini at gmx.de> writes:

>   myfunc ()
>   {
>     local arg=$1
>     echo "arg was: $arg"
>   }
>   par=test
>   var=`myfunc $par`
> This seems to work, so I basically could be happy with it. However, I'm
> a little unsure as to whether this is the way one's supposed to do it.

That's the only possibility that I can think of.
There is a "return" builtin in bash, but it cannot have an argument:
it just exits the function.

Do you know the Advanced Bash Scripting Guide?

Lots of -- the title is not unclear about it -- advanced scripting tips 
and tricks. You may really certainly like it.


ps: don't know if you already got personal responses, but on techtalk
(which among other things discusses "everything shells") you may have 
better chances to get an answer.

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