[prog] antialiased fonts (was Java/Swing and ...)

Riccarda Cassini riccarda.cassini at gmx.de
Wed Apr 7 10:48:18 EST 2004

Riccarda Cassini wrote:
> Are there any font editing programs under Linux, remotely similar to
> FontLab or Fontographer (i.e. for truetype and/or type1)?  It wouldn't
> necessarily have to be that feature-rich - if it does the job at hand,
> that's fine.
> If so, I might actually give it a try to design a fixed-width font
> family trying to avoid the problems of the existing ones (well, the
> perceived problems, in my very humble opinion).  Yes, I mean it.

(sorry for replying to my own post)

Just wanted to let you know that I've found what I was looking for.
It's called FontForge (http://fontforge.sourceforge.net/).
It seems to be quite ready for prime time, with definitely more
features than I'd expected (e.g. multiple master support). And, it
even comes with good documentation. Great!
For some reason, the binary distribution didn't want to run on my
machine, so I downloaded the source, and actually got it compiled
(well, with a little help from Almut, I have to admit...). Anyway,
I have it up and running - so I guess there's nothing going to stop
me now from doing what I proclaimed above ;-)


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