[prog] Java/Swing and antialiased fonts

Riccarda Cassini riccarda.cassini at gmx.de
Fri Apr 2 17:56:01 EST 2004

> > 
> > Yes, I'd definitely be interested in your truetype class. I think
> > that'll make him happy :-)
> Okay, I've attached it.

Hi Almut,

thanks for sending the TT class, and for taking the time to add a
newbie-compatible description.

(btw, I think you have a small typo in the description part: the
mentions of TT.Font(...) should probably be TT.Font.getFont(...) - as
in the example code itself. Just wanted to let you know, in case you
consider giving this to someone else sometime...)

I have everything working smoothly, in principle - but I'm still trying
to tackle the automatic code generation issue.

In the meantime, I've found out that in NetBeans I can add/substitute
custom instantiation code for an *individual* widget (in the form
editor, via tab "Code Generation", field "Custom Creation Code").
However, this is quite a daunting task for an existing app with
hundreds of widgets... Coming from the Windows world, I'm used to
lots of clicking - still... ;-)
Your automatic replacement technique somehow looks more attractive.

Anyway, with your help, I think I now have all the options to do the
eye candy part. When it comes to implementing new functionality, I'll
probably be posting again... :-)

Besten Dank!!


P.S.  Does anyone have any recommendations for nice and clean (and 
preferably free) monospaced/typewriter truetype fonts?
I have a few lists and tables in the app which look better with
letter-columns aligning vertically.  Thus, I need to use a monospaced
font.  The ubiquitous Courier type has never really been on of my
favorites, so I'm always on the hunt for alternatives.  There don't
seem to be many around(?)

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