[prog] Java/Swing and antialiased fonts

Riccarda Cassini riccarda.cassini at gmx.de
Thu Apr 1 00:02:36 EST 2004

Hi Almut,

thankyou very much for the example code. That was *exactly* what I
needed. Now, things already look a lot clearer. I did some initial
modifications of my application to integrate the AA.JLabel class, and
it's working beautifully so far! - I'll let you know if I should get
stuck as soon as I go playing around with this a bit more, tomorrow :-)

I have one more question already:

Can I make my IDE (netbeans) directly insert the correct widget
instantiations (i.e. AA.JLabel instead of the default javax.swing.JLabel)
into the code sections it automatically generates?  (If I simply edit
them outside of the IDE, they'll of course be overwritten next time I
make a change via the IDE...)  Any other IDEs I should look into?

> research. This interestingly gave me several opportunities to develop
> my programming skills. One day, I decided that fulltime programming
> would be more fun, so I switched. That was more than five years ago.
> I haven't regretted it, so far.
> What I want to say: go for it, if you feel like it! :)

I've made up my mind rather firmly to stick with what I've started.
Well, if they let me...  Thanks for the encouragement, and for sharing.

> With respect to your "special" guy (I've had those, too ;)) it might
> interest you, that for that same program, which required me to solve
> the antialiasing issue, I wrote a little class that lets you use any
> truetype font you have to make your application look "prettier".

Yes, I'd definitely be interested in your truetype class. I think
that'll make him happy :-)

Almut, I guess you saved my butt. I was about to tell my client that
this cannot be done. Might have been somewhat embarrassing, if later
on, someone had proven me wrong by telling him "...oh, that's easy,
you just have to...". Thankyou very much!


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