[prog] State of software engineering profession

Jimen Ching jching at flex.com
Thu Apr 17 00:25:54 EST 2003

On Wed, 16 Apr 2003, jennyw wrote:
>On Sun, Apr 13, 2003 at 07:48:33PM +1000, Jenn Vesperman wrote:
>> When, in software, can the assembly line be used? Software IS design,
>> down to finer and finer grain detail until finished.
>Yeah, this analogy is confusing.  An assemby line is where cars are
>manufactured, not designed.  Pressing CDs is the counterpart in
>software. I think we have that down pretty well, actually. I bet they
>press fewer lemons than the car industry manufacturers. ;-)

Yes, it is confusing when taken out of context.  I believe the original
analogy was between the development of cars and development of software.
When the development process go expanded, assembly line got into the
picture.  No analogy is perfect, I don't think that's the intent.  I think
the intent of an analogy is to look at something from a different point of
view.  And hoping to get insight from doing so.

I don't think that was achieved in this case. ;-)

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