[prog] Questions on my first attempt at C++

Sue Stones suzo at bigpond.net.au
Mon Apr 14 21:50:45 EST 2003

I have been looking at C++ for the last 2 days and trying to sort out the very 
basics of its approach to object oriented programing.  I have a few questions 
I hope that someone can answer.

1) I am trying to sort out how to use the string class;  when I declare a 
variable of this class is it best done by declaring it std::string?  ie with 
the scope name.     Is it used in the same way as the return type for a 

2) How do i put numbers (eg int double) into a string object?

3) In construcing my own class when do I need a destructor?  What do I need to 
put into it?


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