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I would highly recommend JSP. Web Apps are the way to go =)

If you have an app that has forms like you say, connects to a database or something alike, and want it to cross-platform, nothing is more cross-platform then a web interface. And in my humble opinion, nothing beats Java Server Pages/EJBs. For the rest, you have Java Applets :o)

In my work, that is what I do: port old-style applications to the web environment. Although they are all database-driven, I mean, very easy to port, I love it and the users really seem to enjoy it! And it means much less technical support from me!

BTW, GTK doesn't seem to me very "cross-platform", the applications get too "bloated" and not very "windows-like", say if you are running on Windows environment. For that matter Qt is a far more evolved set of libraries, and if there was no Web it would be my choice. C++, 100% cross-platform. What else?


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jennyw writes:
> I was wondering if any of you had suggestions for cross-platform
> development.

I'm partial to gtk for my own apps, because it optimizes for linux
(the platform I really care about) but I can make it available on
other platforms if I want to.  But on mac that means they have to
run under X, which not all users are willing to do.  There's a new
beta version of a native gtk for mac, so some day this may improve.

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